I am interested in magic.

For me the word “magic” includes not just ceremonial magic, the occult, Thelema, Chaos magick, witchcraft etc, but also astrology, tarot and all forms of divination, most alternative healing systems and self-development processes such as individuation, NLP, Scientology etc. I also think that marketing and advertising and most forms of psychological therapy are basically practical magic, even when pretending to be scientific. Conjurors and mentalists call themselves “magicians” and I think they are right – even when they merely claim to be exposing fake magic.

My particular interest is in the interface between magic and other cultures Why does religion fear magic? Why does reason despise it? Why does art mock it?

So my explorations usually begin with everyday experience – rather than jumping straight into weird realms. I look for cracks in the smooth surfaces of material or consensus reality, and prise open doors to those weird regions beyond. I wish thereby to offer my readers a richer life experience, with endless opportunities for a lifetime of exploration.